An Incident Case-control Study of Nonphysiologic Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia: Evaluation of Pre and Perinatal Risk Factors


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In neonatal period anemia is a complex problem owing to the unique blood picture. The erythrocytic system undergoes serial adaptation to meet progressively changing demands of oxygen in the embryo, the fetus and neonate. This leads to rapid change in normal hematological change in post-birth period. Definition of anemia is difficult because as described earlier, several important factors influence normal blood in the newborn infants. The etiology of neonatal anemia can be classified into i) hemorrhage (ii) hemolysis (iii) failure of red cell production. Severe fetal haemorrhage may accompany various placental anomalies like placenta praevia, abruption placenta and accidental incision of placenta during the caesarean section. It is reported that 10% of all infants born following placenta praevia and 4% of infants born following abruption placenta present with severe anaemia. The passage of fetal erythrocytes in maternal circulation occurs commonly during pregnancy. In 50% of pregnancies some fetal cells are passed in maternal circulation sometimes during gestation or during birth process. Treatment of a neonate with anaemia due to blood depends on the degree of hypovolemic or anaemia and whether the blood loss has been acute or chronic. New-born with pale skin should be differentiated from an asphyxiated baby.

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